Horizons - Episode 2

Been a long time since we sent out our last Horizons episode, so let's touch base and talk about the various moving parts of the game's development.

4 months ago

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Gosh, it's been a minute since I last posted a Horizons update - in fact, the last one was early last year! The intent of these gazettes is to provide you with an aggregated form of content, touching briefly on various aspects of the game, such as the latest Lore pieces, game mechanics, development updates and more - so let's go! 😄

Infoslate #6 - February update
It’s been a very interesting and exciting month, with Halcyon Online development now in full swing. You don’t want to miss this one.

Last month was the beginning of full-time work on Halcyon Online! Since then a lot has been done, including the game data management system and our dependencies architecture. The latter is required to determine whether any given structure can be built, any technology can be researched, or a given unit can be produced. Furthermore, the colony infrastructure screen is nearly completed in its alpha state, including the ability to construct projects on your Homeworld! I didn't actually think I'd get that far in just 2 weeks! 🤯

It's a great sign of things to come, with the firm belief that testers will start to be invited to test a very early build, to find bugs in those systems - as early as April!

Landfall - Episode 2
In this episode, the crew of the Ilmatar prepare to land on their new home planet. While anxiety and nerves are high. Will the modules that have kept them safe all these years see them to the surface safely?

Landfall Part 2 dropped late last month, detailing one of the Arks and its arrival at one of the many destinations for Humanity. If you're into lore, Halcyon Online has a very cool and curious beginning. You can read our entire lore series to date, here.

Some of the game mechanics in Halcyon Online are not just unique for the MMO RTS genre, but unique within the broader RTS market itself. 6 months ago I wrote about one of the more unique aspects of Halcyon Online - its resource system. This is nothing like other games and is worth checking out!

Resources and resource management
Halcyon Online has a very unique and interesting resource system that differentiates it from other titles in the genre.

Based on the progress of the last few weeks, my goal is to have colony infrastructure management done by early April, and inviting a few select players to test out that aspect of the game. I suspect the ability to research various technologies will follow not long after!

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Kirk Bushell

Published 4 months ago