Halcyon Online continues to make solid progress on a day-to-day

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Halcyon Online continues to make solid progress on a day-to-day basis.

It's quite hard to determine a launch date, as every step taken in the game's development presents new technical challenges, highlights my own ignorance, and corrects me on previous assumptions.

This roadmap therefore can only be used as a semi-accurate prediction of milestones a few months out. Any more than that becomes wishful thinking - and likely to be wrong. That said, this page will be updated regularly as objectives are completed, or development priorities change.

It'll take some time before I can setup a nice image that reflects the roadmap, so for now - text will have to do 😄

  1. Player authentication, galaxy seeding and management - 90%
    Pretty much done, only piece left is authentication via social providers like Google, Facebook, Discord.etc.
  2. Infrastructure management - 50%
    Managing your colony's infrastructure is the first step players take in the game, constructing their Manufactory. Thus, it makes sense that this is the first major set of features to be completed. Already completed is the gorgeous hexmap design & architecture that was completed a few days ago (can't wait to show this off!!!)
  3. Research & technology
    Not long after players begin building megastructures, they'll be able to research technology that unlocks various features. This is slated for June 2024 development, but currently we're a little ahead of the development pipeline, so potentially completed by end of May.
  4. Spacecraft production
    Before players can enter the second Era for their empires, they have to build spacecraft, which leads to colonisation craft. As a result, the structures responsible for that feature, need to be fleshed out and coded in. Expecting to start this mid-late June, 2024.
  5. Celestial body colonisation - 20%
    Technically, the underlying architecture for this is already done - but spacecraft production, and mission architecture needs to be built before it can "work". Currently expecting this to be done somewhere around September, 2024.

That's it so far! Be sure to check out this page every so often to see how we're progressing!