Infoslate #8 - April update

In our latest update, there's quite a bit to cover - read on to see what we've been up to in April.

21 days ago

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April has been HUGE, both personally and for Halcyon Online. As of this posting, so many of the distractions in my personal life are coming to a close, meaning I can focus on this project much more. But, like the last few updates - there's still quite a bit to report on!


Halcyon Online continues to make solid progress on a day-to-day basis. It’s quite hard to determine a launch date, as every step taken in the game’s development presents new technical challenges, highlights my own ignorance, and corrects me on previous assumptions. This roadmap therefore can only be used as a

We now have a roadmap! I'm going to try and keep this roadmap updated every month, looking at what we'll be aiming to deliver in the coming 6 months. On that note, the next 6 months are massive, while I work to get the core game systems developed, which includes:

  1. Infrastructure management
  2. Research & technology
  3. Spacecraft production
  4. Colonisation


This month we made great progress regarding hex maps (geography) along with the resource nodes (geology) you'll find on the various celestial bodies. This was a huge piece of work, which included the procedural generation of these maps for each celestial body, the hex map renderer, and the plotting of the various resource nodes. This is all required for building infrastructure on your colonies, with a mini-game associated with the structures you build and their module expansions. Next is the big step - building structures and representing these on the maps that players will be utilising.

In addition to this, more work has been done on the game design front, fleshing out the Human race and the various units and unique structures available to them. I'm hoping to give more details specifically around the Humans in my next devlog, likely in mid-May.

Speaking of which - you can check out my first devlog on the new Halcyon Online YouTube channel! 😄

Finally, we're nearly done with social authentication! This means being able to register and login with your preferred authentication service, whether that be Google, X, Facebook or Discord! Of course, if you prefer email, or email & password, those options will be available as well!

Despite real life's hurdles, the fact is that Halcyon Online continues to make great progress toward its defined goals, and we're edging closer and closer toward our first major milestone - getting playtesters involved in the game! If you'd like to to help test the various game systems as they become available, please be sure to apply via our playtester form, with invites very likely to go out either late May, or early June.

Until next time, players - stay spacey!

Kirk Bushell

Published 21 days ago